When you arrive in Zermatt, the most famous area of the Swiss Alps, you’ll notice a bustling, busy village that is deafeningly quiet. And that quietness is what brings more people back here year in, year out, year after year. Well, that and the Swiss chocolate, the Swiss cheese, the skiing and most of all the wide range of Zermatt hotels.

This is an amazingly, beautiful area where you can have quality time with the family, quiet time with your true love or get down to business with a company meeting. And there are multiple Zermatt hotels that can handle any of those situations in a 3-star to a 5-star setting.

As you’re immediately greeted at arrival time, you will feel the friendly warmth that makes Zermatt the place to vacation. But that warm greeting won’t stop there. You’ll be warmly greeted at every business in this quaint village whether it is a restaurant, store or just walking down the cobbled streets. There are no cars in this village, and perhaps that is what lends to the deafening quietness? Or is that what lends to the friendliness here – nobody is zipping at warp speed, so why not take a moment to chat?

The residents here are friendly, warm, and welcoming, accepting any visitor that passes by and that is what draws visitors back. The main street of Zermatt is bustling with activity year-round as people get to their destination on foot, by ski-lift, by tram or by train and even by horse-drawn carriages. From each of the many Zermatt activities, restaurants, and each of the Zermatt hotels is conveniently located to any and all of these things.

Like Balmer’s, one of the best Zermatt hotels for young adults. If it a college trip that brings you here to Zermatt, this is where the party will start. Each of the rooms is perfect for groups, set up in a unique dorm-like setting that is furnished with bunk beds and hammocks for sleeping.

This hotel offer many activities such as glacier landing or maybe night sledding during the winter months would be more your style? The summers in Zermatt are just as beautiful and full of action as the winter months. Each of the Zermatt hotels will have their own activities, but the Balmer has canyoning and glacier trekking as well as ice climbing group activities.

Another favorite of all the Zermatt hotels is the Hotel Nidwaldnerhof that sits right on the lake. This is perfect for the newly married couple that wants to enjoy peacefulness with beauty. This beautiful area of Switzerland could be one of the most beautiful areas and the staff here will spoil each guest to the point, you feel like you are family. The lakeside view of the in-house restaurant is a perfect place to enjoy your evening meal and follow up with a drink in the lounge.