Italy is called the country of love and Switzerland is called the country of skiing. And once you have visited either one of them, you’ll know why they are deemed as such. You head to Rome Italy for romance and head to Zermatt, Switzerland for some of the most beautiful areas to ski. A Zermatt ski trip will put you at the foothills of the Swiss Alps.

The village of Zermatt is full of ski resorts and being a car-free zone, you’ll find the horse-drawn carriages, ski lifts, the tram, and the train to be the main mode of travel besides your own feet. But with the majestic beauty of the Matterhorn, you’ll never realize that you’re without a car. This is the lifestyle here in this quaint Alpine village. It is an old world feel at when you take a Zermatt ski vacation, but yet it is full of all the modern conveniences like the latest in lift systems and comfortable Zermatt chalets, hotels and lodges.

Starting at the base of the Swiss alps are 360 km of Pistes and Italy is next door if you want to sneak in some romance. The Klein Matterhorn ski lifts will take you 3,883 meters up and there you can soak in the awesome view that the 4,000 meter of the Alps offer. It would almost seem like the Pistes have been groomed, but it is nothing more than Mother Nature at her finest.

A ski vacation here isn’t like anywhere else in the world. Other ski resorts are crowded with long wait lines. Zermatt ski area has 100’s of kilometers that are stretched from 1,620 to 3,900 meters of ski runs.

There is more space for your skiing adventures than you’ll ever need and not because nobody comes to Zermatt for ski vacations. But because of how it is laid out among the Swiss Alps.

One of the first things you’ll do on your Zermatt ski vacation is to pick up a map of all the ski lifts in the area. You can use this map to plan your days and ask any chalet, hotel, or lodging staff for advice and recommendations. English is a prime language here, but many other languages are spoken and understood here too, so communication is easy.

Every on-line review you’ll find about Zermatt ski resorts is full of compliments and positives reviews. While you’ll see some negative reviews, the positive ones far outweigh them with specific likes and loves from many happy visitors that have been here. Compliments and reviews from business travelers touting the courteous staff at the Zermatt accommodations to families with children and couples on their honeymoon. Each person that has been to the Swiss Alps for a Zermatt ski trip has arrived with great anticipation and left with fulfilling memories that will last a lifetime.