If you’ve heard somebody tell you that their Zermatt ski vacation was the best vacation ever, don’t question it! Book your trip and get on those slopes the Matterhorn and other mountains have to offer. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world and the mountaineers that came here and settled the land made it the best place ever.

Traveling to Zermatt, Switzerland is exciting when you think about all the things there are to do here. Besides the Zermatt ski lifts and the slopes, there is the charming, quaint village itself. There you’ll find boutiques and sightseeing that will give you a view of yesteryear’s Zermatt. While skiing may be the king of things to do here, the beautiful views are something you will never forget.

Located in the Swiss Alps at the base of the great Matterhorn is where you’ll find the Zermatt ski chalets, hotels and resorts. Zermatt is a car-free zone and once you’re settled into your Zermatt accommodation, you’ll quickly understand why. The peacefulness just makes the beauty even more awesome and the public transportation will make you forget that you don’t have a car here.

In the mid part of the 19th century, Zermatt was a community predominantly of agricultural. The ascent in 1865 up the Matterhorn would end tragically for many mountaineers. The graves of those brave can be seen in the cemetery near the old church.  Because they paved the way and cleared many paths, the Zermatt ski vacation that so many look forward year after year is possible.

There is much more to do besides Zermatt ski activities. There is hiking up the beautiful, scenic mountains and mountaineering that is much safer and tamed than it was so many years ago. There are tours of the church, the museum and the village itself, all done on foot in this car-free zone area. The claim to fame may be the Matterhorn and the skiing, but the beauty and multitude of other activities make this the come-to for that dream vacation.