While In Zermatt, There Are More Things Other Than Zermatt Attractions

Zermatt Attractions

Valais canton is the renowned mountain resort. Situated in the southern part of Zermatt, Switzerland, people from all around the world travel here for hiking, mountain climbing and most of all, snow skiing. But what many may not realize, these are just a few of Zermatt attractions. At an elevation of over 1,600 meters, the town of Zermatt is nestled right below the Matterhorn. The iconic, massive, snow-capped mountain is known the world over for its beauty and its entertainment value.

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No Matter The Budget, There Is Zermatt Accommodation That Fits

Zermatt Accommodation

Zermatt may be a tiny hamlet, but it has more hotels than many big cities and numerous apartments, more than 2000, that are available for holiday rentals. And still, there are times, that there isn’t enough! This is why the experienced traveler will tell you to book your Zermatt Accommodation early. Even if you get there and find that there are plenty of openings around Zermatt, to have yours booked and secured is better to arrive and have nothing.

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Snow Skiing Is The Only Activity In Zermatt! The Events Are Year-Round And Endless!


A German speaking area that is located in Visp is the village known as Zermatt. With almost 6,000 year-round residents, it is a famous area for hiking, mountain climbing and most importantly, snow skiing.  This area of Switzerland is where the great Matterhorn is found and Zermatt is located at the upper end of Mattertal. Sitting at an elevation of 1,620 m, this is the foot of the highest peak, just on the border of Italy.

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