Everyone knows that Zermatt is the best place to ski in the world. But what everyone doesn’t know is that there are a lot more things to do, experience, and do and see than Zermatt ski activities. This beautiful scenic area offers mountain climbing, hiking, shopping and all types of tours.

And by being a car-free village, you’ll depend on your own feet or public transportation to get around, but that isn’t a big issue. All of the accommodations are close to the center of Zermatt, including the tram and train station, that walking is the norm for here. So while the Matterhorn is the draw to for the many Zermatt ski activities, you’ll find a host of other things to experience here.  

Like the Valais Canton outside of Zermatt. It offers some of the same activities as Zermatt and many things of its own that are completely different things as well. There are the Alpine resorts where you can get away and relax or tour the Upper Rhône River valley vineyards and sample some of the finest wines in the world.  All year long, this is region is rich with activities and attractions.

Predominantly an agricultural area during the mid-19th century, the Zermatt ski community wasn’t a tour attraction, but a mode of transportation.  Many, many mountaineers would take to ascend the Matterhorn in 1865 only to end up the now historic grave that is located near the first church. Take tour of both and the solemnness will be overwhelming for everyone. Those mountaineers in those graves today are the ones that paved the way to create the Zermatt ski attractions we know today.

When you aren’t partaking in the Zermatt ski activities, take a walk down the main street of Zermatt: Bahnhofstrasse. The number of charming, quaint and upscale boutiques and restaurants will amaze you. You’ll find the souvenirs to take back and some of the most exquisite and finest dining in the world.

There are ample amounts of luxurious hotels or if a modest ski chalet is more your style, there are plenty of them as well. And surrounding those accommodations, you’ll find every type of Zermatt ski related activities too. There curling competitions and several outdoor ice-skating rinks for the general public.

Depending on the time of year you take your Zermatt ski vacation, the different activities that are available include the Zermatt carnival. Just like any carnival, there are things for both adults and kids and the amount of different foods will be more than you can possibly try while here, which means, you’ll need to return again next year!