If it isn’t already, a Zermatt Ski trip should be on your bucket list! A trip to Zermatt, Switzerland will get you a two-for-one deal too because you’ll be at the Italian border allowing you to visit two countries. But it is Zermatt that is famous among skiers with the Matterhorn towering over this beautiful town. The mountain is covered with and surrounded by dense, green forests, making this a site of awe for all that travel here.

It is a picturesque setting of snow boutiques and shops, covered mountains, old churches with steeples and no traffic congestion. Being a car-free town, travel is by foot, tram or train and all runs exceptionally well. There are roughly 6,000 residents in Zermatt year round and during the winter months, there are as many as 20,000 more people, making this cozy village a hustling town. Many of those are here for a month but the majority are here for a one or two day Zermatt Ski.

Your First Day Here

Begin the first day of your Zermatt ski trip with a hearty, wholesome breakfast. Most Zermatt hotels offer a breakfast buffet, such as the Hotel Perren Superior. This is going to be the most important meal of your day because it will give your body the fuel you need to get down the slopes and back up the mountain again.

If you don’t have your own ski gear, the hotels either have it to rent or there is a shop nearby that will get you suited up, such as Bayard Sport. Here is a showroom that has racks full of quality, top-grade equipment, and stylish apparel (although warmth is the goal, not a fashion show!). It is recommended to reserve your gear online as you plan your Zermatt ski trip to be sure you get what you need plus that gets you a 10 percent discount too!

The GornergratBahn is next door to Bayard Sport and is the tallest, open-air cog in Europe. The GornergratBahn climbs almost to 3,100 meters in just over 30 minutes. You’ll have some of the most awesome, fantastic views of Zermatt. The steep cliffs and thick forests, as well as the peak of the Matterhorn, create scenery that you may think is a movie set.

If you want to do some hiking while on your Zermatt ski trip, you’ll have a few opportunities with the stops that are along the way. There are some of the world’s finest mountainside lodges where you’re sure to get your love of nature filled, but then you may want to stay onboard to the top because that is where you’ll have one of them most awesome, breathtaking epic views.

Don’t Forget To Take Your Selfie Snaps

The view will be so mesmerizing it can be easy to forget that selfie picture that will keep your memory vivid. After the selfie, strap on your skis and head out into the bright blue skies that are shining on the pristine, sparkling snow. You’ll find plenty of runs stretched out before you that are just daring you to come on down. There is a glorious day waiting for you and another one tomorrow!