If you have never been on a Zermatt ski trip, you are in for a wonderful trip! No matter if you stay at a private ski lodge, a public hotel, or one of the many private chalets, your future trip to Zermatt and the Swiss Alps will be one you will never forget.

No matter how far away your trip is scheduled, you should start thinking and planning on what you need to pack for your Zermatt ski trip. It is common for a first-time traveler to Zermatt to be unsure of what all they should take. The temperatures can be extremely cold in comparison to what you’re accustomed to, so staying dry and warm should be your first concern.

With that being said, you can plan making a shopping trip to the local outdoor and sporting goods store. Some areas even have stores that are specific for skiing. If there is one near you, that’s great. But you should also be aware that the prices could be higher than in a chain store. If you have enough time, you can always shop online too.

Keep in mind that you will be physically active, perhaps more than you ever have been. As such, a lot of energy will be exerted so plan accordingly. You want to be sure to keep your body hydrated on the inside and keep your energy level up.

1). When it comes to the clothing you need, this won’t be like your vacation to beach. You’ll need plenty of waterproof clothing. There are the typical items such as gloves, hats, heavy sweaters, and warm boots and socks. Those who have been on a Zermatt ski trip will tell you that waterproof gloves, ski jackets, and ski pants as well wool-blend waterproof socks are an absolute must.

2). Waterproof ski socks are important because they keep your feet dry and warm. They provide extra padding for your feet also, and after a trip down the slopes, you’ll know why.

3). A neck gaiter is a tube that you’ll wear around your neck. You can also pull it up over your mouth for protection from the cold and the wind as you ski down the slopes or go snowboarding. They aren’t a fashion statement, so don’t be concerned how you look in it.

4). One key item that is essential to keeping warm on your Zermatt ski trip is long underwear. The more layers you have, the warmer you’ll stay.

5). There is a lot of ski equipment needed for those glorious trips down the slopes and you will find that you can rent them while on your Zermatt ski trip. But there are a few things that you may prefer to have of your own such as ski boots, ski goggles, ski helmet and bag or tote of some sort to pack these items.

6). Staying energized is important while you’re on your Zermatt ski trip. Most accommodations offer a continental breakfast. Be sure to fill up before hitting the slopes, because lunch time will be a way’s off! You should also have some healthy snacks with you to get energized in between runs down the slopes like dried fruit, grain bars, nuts, and pretzels.

7). A definite must on your Zermatt ski trip is a hydration pack to help you stay hydrated as you’re skiing or snowboarding. Chances are that you won’t be able to take as many water breaks as you do at home, so a hydration pack that you wear on your back will allow you to get a drink easily. Be sure to refil them when you do go in for lunch!

8). One thing you may not even think about is staying moisturized. The winter weather in Zermatt are cold and dry so pack moisturizer to use on your body and face. This will keep your skin comfortable and healthy. A good sunscreen lip balm is another thing you want to pack for your Zermatt ski trip.

9). Even though it will a cloudy, cold winter day during your Zermatt ski trip, don’t forget your sunscreen! The UV radiation from the sun is actually higher in Zermatt because it is at a higher altitude. And the snow will bounce those UV rays back to you too.

10). Keep your hands warm at all times with hand warmers. There are disposable packets available that will give you on-demand heat when activated by air.