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Here’s Your Shopping List for Getting Ready for a Zermatt Ski Trip

If you have never been on a Zermatt ski trip, you are in for a wonderful trip! No matter if you stay at a private ski lodge, a public hotel, or one of the many private chalets, your future trip to Zermatt and the Swiss Alps will be one you will never forget.

No matter how far away your trip is scheduled, you should start thinking and planning on what you need to pack for your Zermatt ski trip. It is common for a first-time traveler to Zermatt to be unsure of what all they should take. Continue reading

If You Think All Zermatt Offers Is Excellent Skiing – You Are Wrong!

Zermatt SkiEveryone knows that Zermatt is the best place to ski in the world. But what everyone doesn’t know is that there are a lot more things to do, experience, and do and see than Zermatt ski activities. This beautiful scenic area offers mountain climbing, hiking, shopping and all types of tours.  And by being a car-free village, you’ll depend on your own feet or public transportation to get around. Continue reading